Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue

Marilyn Monroe

Senior | Female | Adopted

Hi! I'm Marilyn Monroe and with a name like that, you know I'm a beauty! Unfortunately I can't admire myself in the mirror anymore because I am blind. I have cataracts in both of my eyes. I had surgery on one eye with the hope of restoring my vision but it didn't seem to help. My lack of sight doesn't affect my daily routine much at all. I navigate very well around my foster home and get lots of love. Since I was initially found deserted in the middle of a field while not being able to see, things have improved a lot! What's more to life than loving and being loved?

I am sure you'd love me if we met in the fur. At fourteen-years-old, I'm a sweet, devoted companion. You may notice I walk a little funny because my knees occasionally pop out of the joint. The doc didn't think it was important to perform surgery so if you're wondering, that's why my gait in unique. If you're looking for a pretty fabulous girl to make your life complete, look no further! Feel free to email my foster mom with any questions you may have. She'll have nothing but good things to say about me!