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Trina is a sweet, silly, energetic 3-year-old dog who would love a playful canine sibling. She picks up her foster brother’s leash to pull him around the house, but unfortunately he has no interest in playing with her.

When she’s not busy trying to convince her foster brother to play with her, she melts into the nearest lap and soaks up all the love you can give her.  Since Trina has been known to forget all of her senses when she sees a cat or squirrel, she would prefer a yard with a fence to help keep her safe.

Trina has great problem-solving skills and an acrobatic streak that would make her a natural for agility or maybe even disc dog! We have a feeling that this bright girl would excel at anything she set her mind to doing. 

At the moment, Trina is working on her housetraining.  Her foster family believes she would have better success in a home with a dog door, so she can get outside as soon as she feels the need to go.  And like any beautiful lady, she's not fond of getting her hair wet in the rain, so a little extra time may be needed to ensure she does her business outside on rainy days.

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