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Adorable 9-yr-old Pitzer and his sister Lady are Cocker/Shih Tzu mixes who came into rescue when "their people" went into assisted living.  They are siblings but not litter mates. They have been together Lady's entire life, and we want to keep it that way.  These darlings (with full tails!) are never far apart. In fact, they hope you have a big lap, because they are expert snugglers.  They are crate-trained, get along with other laid-back dogs, and are fine with cats. They would eat out of the same food bowl if they were allowed.  Because young children with their inherent noise and energy are scary for Lady, we are looking for an adult household for them.  Pitzer is a little braver and will allow quiet children to pet him.

Pitzer is smaller at 19 lbs.  He watches over his sister and spends time grooming her each day. He also watches over the house, helping foster brother bark at neighbors that pass by.  Pitzer is completely house-trained and snuggles close to foster mom in bed each night . The Shih Tzu characteristics are a little more apparent in Pitzer, with his ready smile, stubby legs and longer back.  While Pitzer currently lives in a multiple-dog household, he must be properly introduced to any new canines that come his way to avoid posturing and fights.  Becasue of this, and his need to "guard" his sister, adoption events are traumatic.  Potential adopters are invited to schedule a visit in the foster home, where Lady and Pitzer are comfortable and their true personalities shine through.

Pitzer has a grade 2 heart murmurs but was cleared by the cardiologist for dentals.  He has had a few painful bouts of back spasms since coming into rescue that are treated with NSAIDs and crate rest.  In September, a mass was discovered on  his anal gland and was removed.  While it was malignant, they got clear margins.  Two and a half months later, there is no sign of re-occurrence, and the area has healed well with no side effects.

Enjoy this adorable video of Pitzer, who went to work with his foster mom every day post-surgery so she could administer antibiotics.  During one particular visit, he encountered Lenny, MCHS's humane ed guinea pig.  Pitzer was totally enamored and clearly wants a pet of his own!