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Say hello to our adorable 10 month old, 24# boy, Baxter!  

Are you looking for the perfect dog to be an only pet in a single family home with a nice-sized fenced-in yard for a dog-experienced person?  If so, Baxter may be the right one for you!!!

Baxter is an incredibly sweet, adorable puppy.  He is completely house trained and crate-trained, too (though, he stays free in a puppy-proofed bedroom when no one is home).  He is super smart and learns tricks very quickly.  He will sit by the back door when he wants to go outside, and he'll paw at it if he is desperate.  He loves to show off his sit, down, spin, paw, stay and leave it.  He is working on "place" and increasing his duration of "stay".  He can entertain himself, but he is a true velcro cocker and will follow his person everywhere.  His dream would be to sleep with his people each night.

Click here to see Baxter showing off his skills in doing tricks!

Baxter's quirk is that he is very insecure around other dogs, which comes across as a fear-aggression.  Therefore, he would do best as an only pet.  He is also nervous with new people and needs to be introduced slowly.  Once he meets you, however, he becomes fast friends and will quickly be looking for cuddles in your lap.  He has been fine with children, but he should go to an adult home.  Baxter needs a detached single family home, as the noises from adjoining homes cause him some stress.  He also needs a physically fenced-in yard, so that he can get exercise without depending on walks.  Baxter is looking for someone with a gentle approach and dog experience to keep working with him on his reactivity to dogs and people.  Could this be you?

Check out this cutie chasing bubbles!

Note from foster:  Baxter is a very easy and fun puppy to have around.  His manners are fabulous for a young fellow, and he is cute, sweet, and super soft.  He is a wiggly, happy, tail-waggy boy.  When I have a "stranger" coming over, I simply put Baxter in his crate for a few minutes until the person has settled.  Then, I let Baxter out, and he does very well.

Because of Baxter's issues, we will not adopt him outside of the greater Washington DC area.

  • Baxter - You get lots of smooches every day from me. You are such a good boy. You will make the right family a fabulous dog!!! Love you!!!  (Jennifer K.)
  • I hope you find that forever home soon!  (Kristiana L.)