Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Adult | Male | Adopted

Likes Kids?

Hi, it's me, Grant!  In life, do you believe two is better than one?  I hope so because my littermate and practically my twin, Gable, is here too!  We are handsome 7-year-old buff boys who are attached at the hip.  I'm the smaller of the two at 34 pounds.  We are a fantastic duo, read on to see why we should join your family!

Gable and I are great buddies.  We both love to ride shotgun, but we share well, so we both sit in the front seat of the car, side to side.  We follow each other around the house and like to sleep snuggled together (I hate to admit it, but we do snore!).  We're both good with kids, housebroken, healthy and amazingly friendly.  I think I may be your favorite of the two of us because I fetch the newspaper!  I may be a little shy when meeting new people.

We are happy fellas looking to share our lives with you!  Stay tuned for more as we get settled into our foster home!