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Alexander is an adorable 6-year-old cocker mix.  He is playful and energetic.  He gets along well with other dogs, and in the few encounters he’s had with neighborhood children, he has been calm and friendly.  He is an enthusiastic lap dog.  Just whistle and invite him up.  He will give you appreciative kisses and tail wags!

He weighs 21 lbs., and with his healthy appetite, he will fill out his thin body.  He has a soft mouth and does not snap.    He is housebroken.  In fact, he will give an urgent bark or two if he needs to go out and you aren’t paying attention.  Good dog!

He enjoys sleeping in our bed, and sleeps quietly and soundly.  He is finishing treatment after successful cataract surgery, so he still is wearing an E-collar.  But that doesn’t slow him down.  He loves to take walks and sniff the new smells of our neighborhood.


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We hope Santa brings you a home for Christmas! Love, Sue & Missy