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Say hello to our sweet girl Lulu! She's 5 years old and is thrilled to be here. Her previous owner could no longer care for her so we're happy to take over from here! Lulu is very friendly and very active. She LOVES to be rubbed and quickly flips over on her back for a belly rub. She gets along well with other dogs and everyone she's crossed paths with! Lulu is a cheerful soul who will make your days a little bit brighter.

Lulu tips the scales at just 18 pounds and can use some meat on her bones.  We don't think she'll mind the extra treats and goodies!   She is blind in one eye (detached retina) and has a cataract in the other. She will be having the cataract removed just as soon as we can get her on the doc's calendar!  We hope that then she can see the world and her favorite friends much more clearly!

Check back to learn more about this sweetie.  Please send her foster folks an email if you can't wait to meet her at an adoption show!