Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Young | Male | Adopted

Hi everyone - my name is Desi!  I came to OBG because my owner was moving and couldn't bring me along.  Many tears were shed, but I'm positive that I have a great life ahead of me!  I am a young boy of about 2 years and I weigh 25 lbs.  I sure look like a corgi mixed with some spaniel.  I've heard the peeps here comment on how beautiful my white fur with red markings on my face is, oh and how my tail is very long and fluffy. I'd love to show you how I wag it!  

I am proud to say that I am totally house-trained, and I have excellent household manners.  I am affectionate and calm for a dog of my age, though I may get a little more active as I get more comfortable in my new digs.  I get along with other doggies, as I had brother and sister pups in my other house, and I've been happy to meet other pooches on walks.  In fact, I am looking forward to having another friendly dog in my forever home.  I was able to meet some neighborhoods kids the other day (ages 7, 8, and 9y) and I sat calmly while they pet me.  I even gave one of the boys a gentle lick.

The only area that my foster mom says she is working on is my reaction to seeing a leash.  I flip over onto my back and cringe when I see it.  However, when I realize that I'm going for a walk, I walk very well and don't mind the leash at all.  I need a little coaxing to go outside, but I'm improving in this area, and I heard my foster mom say she thought I would get over this small issue given time, patience and love from my family.  Due to my reluctance to venture outside, I would not be a candidate for a home using an electric fence.

If you think I sound like the dog you are searching for, please reach out to my foster mom!  We are living in Olney, MD.