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Rio! Rio! Rio!

Rio is oh-my-goodness cute and oh-my-goodness sweet! Not to mention soft and cuddly! 

Rio is an international traveler from Cairo, Egypt who is only 18 months old and 15 pounds (though we're working on putting another much needed pound or so on him).  He's also blind but don't tell him! Rio was born that way - no injury, no disease, just one of those things. When he got to his foster home, he spent a few hours exploring his new surroundings (maybe bonking into a few walls and coffee tables) and then he completely had it figured out. Inside the house, you'd never know he was blind. And outside, he's just a little more alert and curious but walks better than many sighted dogs we've had in our rescue.

Most importantly, Rio LOVES his people. Just wants to be with you - in the same room, on the same couch, in your lap. He really wants to be your shadow and best buddy. 

He is fine with other  dogs - as long as the other dog is tolerant of Rio sniffing around in their space and face! And he's fine with cats (can't chase them if he can't see them!)  He would do best in an adult-only home.

If you think a blind dog has a disability, meet Rio and try to tell him that. He is a sweet puppy dog of love!   Please contact his foster at the link below to learn how to adopt this sweetie!