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Welcome to OBG, Lunny!  Lunny is our new 5-6 year old, 25# cocker from Korea - what a long way to come to find a new home and family!  Lunny is just settling into the routine of his new foster home.

Lunny is very cute and friendly!  He seeks out attention, but he has to learn American cues - unless you speak Korean!!  He is mostly housetrained, but needs some reinforcement training. He also loves to sleep by his family.   Lunny adores squeaky toys, carrying them around and then tossing them up and catching them.  He also loves to run- check him out here! When he is ready though, he sleeps quietly around you or on you!  He will happily share your bed if you let him but if not, he will sleep at the side of your bed.

Overall, Lunny walks well on a leash, and he loves meeting people and other dogs.  He is also great with cats!  He rarely barks, but will if another dog starts it.  He is a real chow hound, though, so food will need to be watched some can't snatch it.  Lunny does not like to be picked up by strangers.  He does great when muzzled at the vet's office.  It is going to take some time to build his trust for the more invasive kinds of handling.

Lunny has a heart murmur due to a ruptured chordae tendoneae.  He does not need any medications at this time, and he does not show any indications of heart failure.  He will need to see a cardiologist again in July 2017 for another evaluation.  Because we will then have 2 points in time, we will have a better idea if his condition is stable or progressive.

Please contact his foster now at the link below to find out more about this boy!