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***Shadow is a courtesy post, meaning he is not an OBG dog.  His current owner/foster has requested OBG's help in rehoming him.  If you inquire about adopting Shadow, his owner will work directly with you and will make all decisions involved in rehoming Shadow, including making any decisions regarding homechecks and adoption fees to be paid to the owner.  OBG makes no warranties or guarantees of any sort regarding the health or temperament of this dog and accepts no liability in regard to the adoption of this dog.***​

Shadow is a sweet, gentle soul looking for a home after the passing of his owner.  Because he was so well-loved, he bonds easily with people and is adjusting well to his foster home.  After an introduction, he is friendly, gets along with other dogs and is good with cats. He is also reported to love children. 

Shadow knows a few commands—“sit” and “paw.”  He also comes when called.  He is not crate trained but has been fine having the run of the house in his foster home.  He is house-trained and doesn’t chew inappropriately.  Shadow is relatively low-energy.  He’s content to sit at your feet or in a room with you all day, but he comes alive in the back yard or when his leash comes out for a walk.  He does have opinions and occasionally goes on a barking jag, but most of the time he’s quiet.  Having been a city dog until very recently, he should adapt well to most living situations.

Shadow has spent his entire 7½ years with his shyer brother Shiloh, but he doesn’t have to be adopted with him.  In fact, after he adjusts, he might be more relaxed without the burden of watching out for his brother. Since he’s never been alone, a home with other pets or a family who can spend a lot of time with him would be preferred.

Shadow is a very healthy 33 lbs, though with his short legs, he seems like a smaller dog.  He is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and is heartworm and Lymes negative.  He also just had a dental cleaning. A home visit and references are required.   If you’d like to add this gentleman to your family, please contact his foster/owner “mom” Cathy at 410-257-0769 or at cathy.kinzie@verizon.net.

Thank you for considering rescue!