Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue

Special Funds

Designate how your gift is to be used!  OBG will apply your gift where it is most needed, unless you request otherwise.

Wonder Dog Fund

This fund was set up in tribute to Wonder Dog, a severely abused dog that came to OBG.   Click here for Wonder Dogs story

Sammy's Fund

Contributions to the Sammy Fund will go towards specific medical diagnostics and operations for our special needs dogs. Common examples of these procedures are cataract removal, ear canal surgery, removal of mammary tumors, bladder stone removal. This fund was inspired by Sammy, who had his eyesight restored through surgery and was happily placed in a loving home

Charlotte Fund for Heartworm

Contributions to the Charlotte Fund will go specifically for heartworm pills and treatment for the OBG dogs, as well as for educational pamphlets. Unfortunately OBG has seen many dogs come in with heartworm, for which treatment starts at $400 and goes up depending upon the extent of infestation and other complications. This fund was inspired by Charlotte, a darling little 3 year old who succumbed to heartworm after putting up a brave fight.

Sponsor a Special Needs Dog

Individual dogs on our Special Needs page can be directly sponsored in order to cover their medical or rehabilitation needs.

General Fund

Contributions to this fund will pay for routine veterinary care, spay/neutering, food and other expenses directly related to our dogs in foster care. Any contributions not otherwise designated will go towards the General Fund.

Christine Walters Memorial Fund

Contributions to this fund, in memory of artist and OBG supporter Christine Walters, will go to the care of our Special Needs patients.